Beauty and Salon

Getting a makeover drastically changes the appearance as well as brings back the lost confidence. With us, it is possible to get along with your beauty needs and bring yourself a beautiful self that shines with exquisite charm.

Why Beauty & Salon?

Three reasons you should get along with our Beauty & Salon feature

Choose From the
Range of Salon

Select Your
Service Agent

Schedule Your

Choose from the Range of Salon

Jeavm allows you to scroll through the different salon/beauty parlours, At the same time, lets you choose from the portfolios of the best salon or beauty experts. Jeavm ensures that each and every salon/beauty parlours associated with us are fully equipped with highly trained, certified experts who are known to bring out the best results for the clients.

Select Your Service Agent

This exemplary feature of Jeavm allow you to select a service agent of your choice from the available staff and get the services done by them. This encourages user satisfaction and effectively better results.

Schedule Your Appointment

Isn’t that frustrating, having to wait in a long queue to get yourself a makeover? No worries! You’re covered with the pre-book your appointment feature of Jeavm. This feature allows you to reserve a slot for your beauty and salon needs with a range of professional stylist or beauty experts nearby your place.