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Protect your Society from Corona Infection with Society Management Software

society management software

We have a history of infectious diseases like Black Death, Plague, Swine Flu, and so on. Now, the new novel coronavirus has probably been added to the list which is transforming the way people live. Within such challenging times, Society Management Software that Jeavm offers has become an essential tool that every society or commercial community should acquire.

With the use of advanced and agile society management software, you can give people a contactless and touchless experience, which can prevent them from corona infection.

Let us now discuss how Jeavm society management software can help people fight Covid-19:

Thermal Screening

At the entrance gate itself, the temperature screening will be done of all the visitors, workers, guests, security, and delivery personnel. Once it is done, all the data will be generated on the Jeavm app through which the guard will be notified if the person is healthy or sick.

Sanitize at the Entry Gate

All the society managers must direct the security guards to keep sanitizers and hand wash at the entry gate and guards must ensure that nobody should enter without going through the sanitization process.

Wiping down the elevators and handrails

Time and again, the community maintenance team should be notified about disinfecting the surfaces with alcohol-based sanitizers, and it should be done after every entry or exit.

Practice Good Hygiene

  • Masks for Security Guards at the Entrance.
  • Limited Security Personnel at the Gate.
  • Ensure gloves are worn by housekeeping staff.
  • Make a separate quarantine room or quarter for people who have traveled anytime soon.


    Since the corona infection is getting critical day by day, it is really essential to educate people about the safety measures and to put the best social distancing practices at the place. Through the Jeavm Society Management Software, you will be notified about the measures to be taken to fight against the Coronavirus.

    So, these are some of the COVID-19 best safety practices that we should follow and educate people about the same to save ourselves and the people around us. You know the best part about the Jeavm Society Management Software is that it will keep you updated and will give you touchless experience within the society. So, be rest assured with our society software and schedule your demo now.

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