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Tips To Keep Your Customers Close to Your Salon

Spa & Salon business

Retaining customers is 4 times more difficult than acquiring new customers. Hence, it is really important to keep the existing customers happy and close to your salon, because it is one of the major aspects that contribute to the growth and success of your business.

The moment a customer gets your attention, don’t miss a chance to wow them, you can easily do that with a smart salon and spa software. Customers are the core of every business, especially for the service industry as a salon; as a salon owner, you are responsible for the experience that customers are having at your salon and spa center.

Let’s now look at the factors responsible for client retention:

Offer ‘Never Before’ Experience

Customer service is one of the fundamentals of salon business and one must not compromise with that. Poor customer service is the fastest way to lose customers, which eventually leads to loss of your salon business. Hence, it has become really important to provide your customers with what they want and how they want.

You can do the same by setting standards for the staff, listening to your customers, and making everything easier with tools like salon and spa software. Once done, you will get to witness a higher rate of success and growth.

Let them Book Online

Your customers won’t like if they are asked to wait in line or over a call, they always look for easy and speedy solutions for everything. To enhance customers’ experience, you can offer online booking that is provided by Jeavm Salon Management Software.

With such smart salon software, customers can easily access their appointments in real-time, they can schedule as per their availability of date and time, and also choose staff of their choice. You can also encourage your clients to book their next appointment before they leave your salon, this increases the frequency of customers’ visits.

Quality Services

Quality speaks itself. No matter what business you are in, quality matters the most. If you offer quality, customers will definitely come back. Make sure that you or your staff always offer consultation to your clients about the services and the products that you use.

Besides, you must also understand what your customer actually wants and how would you give them the desired output. Use your expertise and advise your customers with some styling tips, haircut trends and likewise. Always deliver little more than they expect.

Membership Program

After delivering quality services, you must also focus on extra givings because of customers like when given a little extra and they kind of enjoy it. Hence, to make your customers’ experience more exceptional and likable, you can encourage them to be a part of the Membership program with discounts, rewards, or vouchers. This can easily be done with the loyalty program integrated into salon software that can automatedly reward your clients for spending more and visiting more.

Your salon business will experience a rapid boost and growth if you add these tips within your marketing plan. The tips mentioned above will help you satisfy your customers and give them a reliable and exceptional salon experience. As a salon owner, you must integrate salon and spa software offered by Jeavm that can automate majorly all the aspects of your salon business, cut down manual efforts, and add flexibility and ease.

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