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Carry Your Salon Business Wherever You Go!

Carry Your Salon Business Wherever You Go!

Yeah! We are almost at the finishing line of 2019 and will be entering the new year soon. Is your New Year’s resolution to make your salon business more organized and handier?

If yes, trust me, the secret will help you run your salon business more smoothly and you can keep your salon business in your pocket and access everything within seconds from anywhere, anytime. Sounds Interesting? Jeavm has something more to surprise you.

So, you use smartphones for everything, why don’t you use it for work? Jeavm allows you to run your salon and spa business and manage your salon and spa operations from any smart device you want, meaning you don’t have to be physically present to handle the operational activities of your business.

Cut Down the Paperwork

Paperwork has become history because everything is now digital. Be a part of great initiative called “Save Paper” and maintain everything digitally. With Jeavm Salon and Spa Application, you can keep all the records of your clients and their upcoming appointments. Besides this, you can also keep track of your staff availability, their working hours, perks and bonus.

More to that, with Jeavm, you can also audit your finances, manage inventory and take care of the overall performance of your salon and spa business. Hence, this digital networking will provide you more safety and eliminate human errors.

It’s as Easy as it can get

Its intuitive infrastructure and user-friendly features based on a mobile applications can be handled even by a non-technical person. He/she can easily manage every activity happening inside the salon and spa business and can take instant actions whenever required.


Being a business owner, you get to travel a lot and sometimes salon businesses restrict you step out of your salon studio. But, with Jeavm, everything is possible. You can travel with your salon business anytime you want without hampering the performance of your business. Take your salon along and manage everything while you are traveling by login to Jeavm business.

If you haven’t got Jeavm Business already, Download the app now.

Real-time Tracking

Running a salon can be a tough task and sometimes frustrating due to mismanagement. For easing the whole business process and live/real-time tracking of its progress as well as the client engagement you should be using a salon management software.

Jeavm which is a high-tech salon management application that you and your clients will love. It helps you in managing appointments, reminders, stock management along with opportunities to track marketing campaigns. Real-time tracking and detailed reporting are also facilitation areas of this app.

Branding and Promotion

To make your mark in the competitive market, you must get a smart salon and spa software through which, you can get to know your client’s likes and dislikes and based on the collected data, you can send promotional discounts and offers via SMS or email.

In addition to that, you can also send reminders to your clients on their due service. With the automated branding and promotional notifications, you can reach the higher audience and interact with them effectively.

Make your Salon & Spa business Proactive and Smart

In short, we can say a salon management software is something very impactful for the salon business. It provides opportunities and liberates salon owners to run the business without hampering revenue because of the deliverable features.

With the time where the online presence seems very much important for a business to survive in the long run, the salon management software play a major role in keeping the business on the positive side when it comes to client retention rate, appointment period and of course business profit.

Jeavm – the salon management software is what you need as a salon owner to excel in every aspect of business.

Without any further delay, schedule your demo with Jeavm and take your salon business wherever you want.

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