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Customer Retention Strategies to Maximize Salon Profit

Customer Retention Strategies for Salon Business

Your customers build your business hence, it is really important to keep them happy and close in order to grow your business. Same applies to the salon business as well and it is very much important to have a good customer base. Most of the Salon business enterprises believe that attracting customers is easier than retaining them, which is actually true.

Once you get the customers’ attention, you must not waste any chance to wow them! Customers are the heart of salon business and being a salon owner, it is your responsibility to encourage your customers to visit your salon or spa quite often. How? By offering quality services along with attractive offers and rewards.

Besides services, there are so many other factors that need to be taken care of to increase your profit by maximizing customer retention. Let’s have a look at those strategies.

Salon Ambience and Hygiene

It is very much necessary to have a clean and comfortable space for your salon business. Customers get really disturbed if they find unpleasant ambience, broken chairs, a bundle of used and smelly towels at one corner and hair littered on the floor. Such things create a lot of disturbance to the customer and this can bring a negative impact on your salon business and may due to this any customer will not step in the salon.

Make your staff understand the importance of maintaining salon ambience hygiene and make them practice it every day and this secret will make your customers feel delighted and they would want to come back.

Be Informed about Your Customers

This is the most effective way to keep your customers close is to show them that they are important. Have information about their likes and dislikes, their specific needs, and so on. For instance, if a customer mentioned his/her allergy, put extra attention while treating them. While offering tea or coffee, ask them how do they want?

Things like these allow you to form a personal connection with your customers and make them feel that you actually care. I know it is difficult to remember every customer’s needs and wants, so you can take help from Salon Software that will have all the information about your customers and you can add notes in their profile through your software so that you don’t have to ask every time they visit your salon.

Quality Services

There is no doubt that the customers will come back if they have liked your services and enjoyed overall salon experience. Make sure that you or your staff always offer consultation to your clients about the services and the products that you use.

Make sure you understand what your customer actually wants and how would you do to get the desired end result. You can use your expertise and advice your customers with some styling tips, haircut trends and likewise. Always deliver little more than they expect.


Generally, people don’t like to wait either over a call or in a line, they really want easy and speedy solutions for everything. To enhance customers’ experience, you can offer online booking that is provided by Jeavm Salon Management Software.

With such smart salon software, customers can easily access their appointments in real-time, they can schedule as per their availability of date and time, and also choose staff of their choice. You can also encourage your clients to book their next appointment before they leave your salon, this increases the frequency of customers’ visits.


After completion of service, ask your customers to share feedback according to the experience that they had. This will allow salon owners to enhance and offer the best-quality services to the customers. This whole process builds trust between client and owner, also gives salon owners an opportunity to improve themselves and serve their customers according to their demands. If you work according to your customers’ needs, they will surely stick to you.

Follow Up

There are many customers who are hesitant to express their disappointment straight-forwardly to you. They may even be really happy with it at that time but may dislike the next morning. Sadly, they may not give you another chance. Rather, these customers may either choose to stay away or vent on social media. To avoid such things, you should start sending a snappy instant message or email to customers a few days later to check whether they are satisfied with you or not.

Offers & Rewards

Besides quality services, customers always want little extra and they kind of enjoy it a lot. So, to make your customers’ experience more exceptional, you can offer them little discounts, rewards, or vouchers. This can easily be done with the loyalty program integrated in salon software that can automatedly reward your clients for spending more and visiting more.

Analyze Retention

Last but not the least, analyzing end results. It is really important to measure every activity at the salon and make necessary changes to always be on the top. With the Jeavm Salon Management Software, you can track weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually activities in your customer metrics, staff performance, inventory, finance, and all the areas of your salon business.

By regularly tracking and auditing results, you can instantly examine the loopholes and consistently improve the overall performance of your salon and this will eventually generate profit for your business. Schedule a free demo with Jeavm now & leave the customer retention worries to Jeavm.

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