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Goal Setting Guide For Your Salon Business

Goal Setting Guide For Your Salon Business

Yeah! New Year is approaching and it is the time when we take out our journals and jot down the New Year’s Resolutions. Yes? We do it every year to make ourselves more effective and productive.

Thinking about your salon and spa goals? Let’s do it.

Whether you want to focus on yourself, your business, your staff or finances, you have to create goals that can give you direction and keep you on track throughout the year 2020.

How to Set Goals?

Setting goals is easier than sticking to them. So, your first goal should be to stick with whatever you have planned. This will keep you serious and motivated towards your goals and push you to accomplish them. So, let’s get started with how to set new year goals for salon and spa business.

Think Bigger, Think Smarter

Running a salon business is like a marathon, you have to have a strategic plan that can save your time and give positive output. If you want to experience long-term success, you must specify your business goals to fulfill the company’s vision. If your salon vision to get everything organized, you must certainly integrate a smart and intelligent salon and spa software that will minimize manual efforts and produce effective and error-free results.

You must map out everything properly, to take your business on the right path and reach within the desired timeline.

Move Together, Build Together

Do you know how flat it is, when people working in the same organization but having different goals? It can create a lot of hindrance to your business. However, if each and every person works towards one single goal, they can easily reach the finish line.

For instance, aim for 10% increase in customer rates, client retention, pre-booking rates, frequency of visit, and share your goal with every member in the team. This will help you and your teamwork for a common objective and build a stronger business.



Your customers build your business and to build a trusted brand, you should aim for customer satisfaction because a satisfied customer will automatically be translated into loyal customers. It is important to have more loyal customers than having single-visit customers.

To measure the level of satisfaction, you can take Salon and Spa Software, that will help you in collecting customers’ feedback and reviews about services, you can also conduct surveys and know more about your clients’ likes and dislikes. This activity will help you improve the overall performance of your salon and spa business and also build a stronger connection between you and your customers.


Your business depends on your team, their skills, their passion, and the way they treat your customers. Everything is strongly dependent upon your staff and their quality of services. By investing in your staff, you will see greater return in everything, be it client retention, client satisfaction, staff confidence, or revenue growth.

One of the most productive ways to develop your salon and spa staff is to offer them regular feedback. With an effective and tech-rich salon and spa management software, you can track the staff availability, their quality of services, their attendance and so on. You can specify their goals and measure them at the end of the month through the salon software. Besides this, you can also offer them perks and incentives depending upon their performance.


Your services hold your business. It is not the quantity but the quality of services that can help your business reach new heights. Be specific and diverse while offering services to your customers because customers rejoice innovation. Make sure the services should cater to the needs of your customers otherwise, if you can’t help your customers, they won’t help you grow your business. You can also offer them a user-friendly platform, where they can pre-book their salon appointment, select the services they want, choose staff and get done with services at their ease and comfort.


Revenue growth, cutting costs, and profit maximization are the greatest objectives that every business looks forward to. You need to quite specific with the numbers and work together to achieve those numbers. To get more efficient results, don’t just aim for “revenue growth” rather specify the value e.g. “raise the revenue by 5%.”

Get a Salon and Spa Management software that can easily track and audit your finances on daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis. Through this software, you will know exactly which area needs more attention.

Besides revenue, there are other key performance indicators or KPI that you should consider such as – client retention rate, retail sales, and staff productivity. The best way to excel in every area is to specify growth of every sector of the salon and spa business and this way, your business will see heights of success.

Marketing & Branding

Marketing is the heart of every business because it can impact the financial situation of your business. If you want to drive maximum profit through marketing or branding, you need to have a powerful marketing strategy. Design a marketing campaign, pre-define its time, mediums, and resources to be used along with the marketing cost.

Add Values this Year

Apart from customers, finances, staff team, and marketing, it is very essential to be valuable. Yes, don’t only focus on reaching the goals, keep adding values to them, keep learning from the challenges, and keep growing with your business.

Maintain a proper balance between work life and work ethics. Make sure that your goals are specific, realistic, and measurable. Break each task into smaller steps, and you will see your business reaching the desired destination.

This year, make your business smarter with the Jeavm Salon and Spa Software that can take care of all of your salon and spa operations, staff management, inventory, customers, finances, and all the areas of your business.

Thinking of New Year’s Resolution? Schedule Your Demo Now With Jeavm and make this year even more special and successful.

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