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How Automation Can Help Your Salon & Spa Business to Grow?

Automation Your Salon & Spa Business

Running a salon or spa is not as easy as it seems. You are always hustling between management of staff, booking clients appointments, sending confirmations, ordering supplies, marketing your business and so on; that is so much to be taken care of and sometimes these activities become so hectic that unknowingly your services gets compromised.

This is where salon and spa software comes into play because it provides a single solution that covers all the aspects of your salon and spa business under an umbrella. This software systemizes as many business activities as possible.

Here are some of the best ways a salon and spa management software help you to automate your salon and spa business and allow you to spend more time on your customer service that eventually generate higher productivity and add strength to your business.

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Automated Scheduling

As a salon/spa owner you’d consider adding an online booking facility in your app. It is convenient for your client as well as for you to track appointments and schedule them according to customer’s convenience and staff availability. This feature eliminates your hectic front desk task of keeping records on paper. With the use of this software, canceled bookings and vacant spots are automatically filled followed by another booking without having to put any manual efforts.

Automatic Confirmation Process

The booking process can be automated by the use of salon and spa management software. Suppose one of your customer books an appointment with your app, afterward the system checks running different algorithms whether the opted time slot is available or not.

If slots found vacant, they are allotted the time slot followed by a confirmation mail/text. This automated featured offered by this software omits the traditional method of booking confirmation over a call and relaxes you when you are already having a hectic schedule.

Automated Email Marketing

Salon/spa software enables you to set up email communication with your clients after their first visit to your salon/spa. Email marketing is completely automated, as a result, you can greet your client with a personalized message on their special life events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This promotes customer’s loyalty towards your business.

Effective Inventory Management

It’s essential to go for a system that automatically tracks your inventory and sends alert notification, based on preset thresholds when it’s time to reorder. Just think – no more last-minute bottle-counting or running out of retail products.

Automation Increases Sales

With the use of advance salon and spa software that offers suggestive selling can be really fruitful for your business. This amazing feature allocates and suggests correct retail products based on the customers’ recent services. It also provides automated notification at the time of checkout, where customers can buy products recommended by you. You can also send product recommendations to your customers at time of sending booking confirmations.

Get Better Results with Automation

The moment you integrate Jeavm salon and spa software to your business, most of your tasks will be easily done. You can manage clients’ appointment, staff performance, inventory, finance, marketing, rating and reviews. This software allows you to work remotely and allow your business to run smoothly and freely.

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