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How Corona Lockdown hit salon Business

The Spread of Virus started from Wuhan city of china had impacted the whole of the world and everywhere the countries are under lockdown. Even WHO had declared Coronavirus as a world pandemic. Due to this Pandemic (COVID19), there is a fall in the economical growth and business are shutting down worldwide. When the whole of the business is under impact then how can the beauty and salon industry have been an exception?

Beauty and Salon Industries had a massive hit down and many of the staff are jobless. Haircut and skincare are prominent services that are being opted by the people but due to corona impact and its fear of spread nor only the user but staff is also scared to start with their duty. In the salon services, social distancing cannot be followed the only process can be followed will be proper sanitization, which can help to control the spread of Virus.

India is also very much impacted by the effect of COVID19 and the government is trying to get the best possible way to control this pandemic. In early February and March, the government had asked all the salon owners to maintain proper sanitization and not allow gathering inside or outside. Even the same will be followed after the lockdown ends due to this impact.  Now the salon owners had challenges, first how to survive the business in this situation and 2nd If survived how to manage the users to maintain social distancing and removing the crowd.

This lockdown had punctured the business growth of beauty and salon business and many more will lose their jobs due to this, even many of the staff residing in cities had left to their village due to lack of money and resources. Salon owners are trying their best to get the thing controlled but everyone knows that the dependencies for wages and daily expense depends on the per day Income. Even the big brands are also under wages cut, firing of resources and many more. And this lockdown had also created the issue of availability of products to be used and the prices will be on the higher side once the lockdown will be over.

As per our Finance minister and Government of India, they are trying to give benefits to the small-scale industries so that their business will not impact much and things will go smooth, also trying to get the check on the market. Everyone is trying their best for getting back in the best manner. After the lockdown the biggest challenge will be the management for users and staff and maintain the social distancing, sanitization, managing the outlet, Accounting, Inventories. The best possible way for the same is salon management software. Salon Management Software is a kind of full package for the salon business where these things can be taken care in an automated way and each and every notification will be there within the system in real-time. Jeavm Salon management software is providing best of the feature with the user app where user can book for the time, staff and services and pay online for the same and it will be automatically updated withing the outlet app. It will ensure no social gathering inside or outside the salon and even things will work out smoothly.

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