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How to attract new customers to your Salon And Spa?

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It doesn’t matter if you have just started your salon and spa business or have been operating for a long time, you need customers if you want to keep your business going in a healthy state. Some of the salons and spas are completely dependent on word of mouth advertising or their existing customer base. But, to actually thrive in this competitive market, one has to find new ways to attract customers and retain them for long.

Salon owners are really competent in a way that they know, having a strong salon and spa marketing plan that targets potential customers will help them attract more customers and that eventually will result in a profitable space for their business.

Let us now discuss some of the advanced strategies that can help you get more customers:

Make Your Business Stand Out

Brand visibility is one of the vital phenomena that can help your business reach the highest. However, your salon and spa business should have a completely different identity which is new and unique in the marketplace. Before anything else, ask yourself – “What makes my brand different? Why should people prefer my salon over the others?

When you get the answers, make sure your uniqueness should be communicated when you market your business. After identification of USP of your business, the next step is to craft a persuasive and engaging message for your target customers.

Active Online Participation

Since most of the industries including beauty and salon have ditched the traditional methods of advertising their businesses of its lengthy process, ineffectiveness, and no actual results.

Do you know that 90% of consumers research a business online before entering physically? And about 60% of all searches have local intent meaning customers who are nearby your salon will get the result of your business. So, if you are marketing in the right space, you are losing chances to get new customers through online medium.

Let’s closely look at the marketing options that we have within the online segment:

Business Listing: There are many sites that allow users to discover local businesses such as Just Dial. If your business is listed online, you will have a fair chance of getting discovered in search results by the local customer. So, great business listing pages are as important as having an engaging website to attract more customers.

Social Media: This is a new age thing, where not only youngsters but more than half of the population are actively participating online. According to recent studies, people who want to know more about your business will turn to your social media channels. So, it is equally important to be active on social media channels and engage your clients with interesting content, special offers, and new services.

Website: Just remember, your website is the mirror of your business thus, it has to be clear and easy to navigate about you, what makes you different, services you offer, and how they can reach you. Most importantly, allow your customers to book their appointment through your site, this will ease the customer experience.

Seller Enrollment: It is one of the widely used processes of a marketplace, which starts as a seller comes and registers his business entity with the marketplace to get his products or services listed on the website and through that platform, the seller will attract new customers to his business.

Offline Marketing? That Helps Too.

Besides online, there are people who still listen to the radio, read newspapers and spend an average of 2 hours watching television per day. However, offline advertising is still competent to build awareness about your brand and bring new customers to your doorstep.

Let’s find out the options available through traditional methods of marketing:

Print: People still enjoy reading the newspaper with their morning coffee so make sure that the ad you present should be placed in a clear space along with the contact details.

Direct Mail: This marketing tactic has always been around us and provides effective results- especially when you have to attract new customers. You need to focus on three major aspects of this marketing which includes – target audience, list of mailing distributors, and informative and exciting copy. This may be expensive but has always been an effective and most direct form of marketing.

Referral Marketing: Referral programs excite customers because they get something in return, meaning, when an existing customer refers a new customer to your salon, he/she will get an additional discount. This makes customers happy and encourages them to spread the word.

Track Marketing Performance Through Salon and Spa Software

After putting a lot of marketing efforts, you would always want to track the result it has produced. Unlike traditional marketing, today tracking and auditing has become much easier than ever before. All you need is a salon and spa software solution that will take care of everything.

A smart salon software will track all your bookings or how many leads you have generated through website, social media, or mobile application. The basic challenge with marketing campaigns is to identify what worked for you and what didn’t, by taking immediate actions based on the results, you can learn and make a profitable business in future campaigns.

Although nothing can beat word of mouth marketing, having a robust marketing plan that addresses both online and offline is more essential and fruitful for the success of your salon and spa business.

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