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How to Improve Salon Experience of your Customers?

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Knowing your customer is the first important thing to lead your salon business with the light of positivity. You have been a customer before becoming a salon owner. Yes? So, have you ever walked in the shoes of your customers? And thought – What do they like? How do they like to be treated? What are the services that they prefer?

First thing you should tell yourself when a customer enters your salon – “I have to make his/her experience like never before.” When you put your heart and soul to satisfy your customers, they will never leave you, just make them feel that you care. It is just that simple.

And, if it didn’t go well, you must prepare yourself to be better next time. As a salon owner, you must always keep the doors open for improvement and enhancement.

Let us now discuss how we can improve salon experience of your customers:

  •  Online Booking

Offer them Maximum Ease & Comfort!

Long waiting lines are one of the easiest ways of losing customers. It’s time that you let go off those traditional methods of managing salon business and do everything within seconds on your fingertips.

It is important that Salon business should find a way to manage those lengthy queues that frustrate even the loyal customers. With the online booking system having a feature of schedule appointment – your customers can decide the date and time of their choice; once they pre-booked their salon appointment, they will never have to be a part of those waiting lines or making multiple calls.

  •  Salon Automation

Make Everything Instant & Quick!

If things are automated, quick and instant, it provides comfort to the customer as well as to the staff. For them, the faster it is, the better it is. So, as a salon owner, you must apply the same in your business processes and save time so that you can solve more critical problems.

By automating your salon and spa, you can allow your customers to schedule an appointment online, send confirmations, allow them to choose staff of their choice, manage your staff and reporting, analyze their work, make instant payment through automated accounting, control and manage inventory, and market your salon and spa business effectively and efficiently.

  •  Customer Satisfaction

Show Extra Care and Warmth!

Customer Satisfaction is a blessing to your salon and spa business. It is important because it provides customer metrics to salon owners which they can use to improve and enhance their business processes.

In a competitive market, where businesses are competing for gaining maximum customers, and to win the race, it is important that we provide extra care and be humble while dealing with our customers. However, customer satisfaction is the best indicator to know how good your business is doing and what are the areas that need improvement.

  • Consulting Services

Tell what is best for them!

The first and foremost thing is to know what your customer wants. Make sure you listen to their needs and wants carefully, but at the same point of them, share your expertise to educate them. You have to find the right balance between what they want and what is right for them.

For instance, if a customer wants to hair color service, suggest him/her the best brand and provide some tips to retain the color. This way you will build a stronger connection with your customers and the same will benefit you in the long run in terms of trust and reliability.

  • Rating & Reviews

Know their Experience!

If they had a pleasant experience at the salon, request them to share their experience with you in person as well as on social media channels so that more people get encouraged to visit your salon. Offer them a platform like Jeavm Salon and Spa software, where they can rate their salon and spa experience and share little details about the services or staff they liked and also the areas that need improvement.

This will allow salon owners to enhance and offer you the best quality services. This whole process builds trust between client and owner, also gives salon owners an opportunity to improve themselves and serve even between in the near future.

  •  Offers & Rewards

The more you offer, the more you get!

Besides great services, customers always look for little extra and they will admire you if they get anytime soon. So, to make your customers’ experience more extraordinary and exceptional, you can offer them little discounts, rewards, or vouchers. This can easily be done with the loyalty program integrated in salon software that can automatedly reward your clients for spending more and visiting more.

With Salon and Spa Software that Jeavm offers, you can easily do all of it. Whether it is online booking, sending confirmation, managing your staff, inventory control or automated accounting. It is high time that you take your salon business for a makeover and beautify it with a lot of exciting features that will cut down all the manual efforts.

With the Jeavm app, users can access all the salon, their staff, their services and have an easy and comfortable salon experience. Schedule your demo now!

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