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How to increase Salon & Spa Business Productivity by Managing Staff?

Salon & SPA Business

As a salon owner, your business is all about your people, and as a service-oriented business, everything directly depends upon how much the staff can accomplish. However, it is really important to utilize each of your staff and offer them opportunities and resources to be productive, this eventually will help you in maximizing the profit of your salon and spa business.

Let’s focus on things that matter to manage the staff of your salon:


It is one of the key factors that generates income for your salon and spa business. When the supply is equal to demand, that’s when you can maximize the profit. On the other hand, if your salon is facing downtime, meaning, when supply is greater than demand, you need to reduce the number of stylists working in that particular shift.

There are also times, when you see a long waiting list of customers getting in, which means demand is greater than supply, it is the time when you need to optimize your calendar and fit more appointments or you can also charge premium amount at the peak hours.

To know the complete economics of your salon and spa business, you can invest in a good salon and spa software that can help you run analytics reports as per your appointment scheduling by giving you a detailed report about employee utilization rate and customers’ online booking rate.

Do Everything with AUTOMATION

Efficiency isn’t always about beauticians and experts. It also applies to the management team and front-desk staff. Via automating a few procedures, more can be done in less time.

For instance, is it okay to call each and every customer to confirm their appointments? And what if they are not available to take calls? What will do you? However, there is a superior and less expensive way to complete this task: by automating email and instant message confirmations.

It likewise diminishes basic tasks and gives individuals opportunities to invest their energy in some other important tasks. It is really crucial to switch to an automated approach that will reduce the calling process and increase productivity.

Concentrate ON STRENGTHS

Another approach to get more from your workers is to concentrate on their qualities and experience. Are your top workers invest most of the energy in assignments that can be performed by others? If yes, it is time to get smarter with your staff handling approach.

For instance, if the best beauticians are shampooing customers’ hair, they might be taking an excessive amount of time from their timetable. By giving these obligations to a cleanser partner or another colleague, the hairdresser can serve another paying customer during that time.

Build TEAM

More significant than allocating responsibilities dependent on qualities, it is also the need to make a community culture. You don’t want team members to look down on the individuals with an alternate job. Rather, they ought to be helping each other.

Notwithstanding how you plan representatives or whether you send reminders, there will be times when an appointment isn’t filled or a customer does not show. Even at that moment how can the beautician still be profitable during that time? They can, in any case, contribute by re-stocking retail shows or cleaning the salon. Then again, they can mentor less experienced colleagues or practice their very own aptitudes on a mannequin to improve abilities, get quicker, and build themselves even stronger and competent.

Hold your STAFF

In addition to the fact that it takes time for new staff to understand and work at the full speed, for that they will require somebody to direct them. This will haul down the senior’s productivity too.

By dealing with your staff, you can cut down all the interruptions for your salon team. To improve staff retention, keep your eyes and ears open to discover approaches to improve their spirit and to persistently give opportunities/challenges for staff to develop and grow new abilities.


The most ideal approach to build profitability is through employee engagement and commitment. As a salon owner, it is your responsibility to give them better assistance and motivate them every now and then.

Focus on your staff and figure out how to motivate them. In case you’re as yet uncertain, ask them during the performance appraisal. Some may simply need acknowledgment for achievements, while others may react well to motivating forces (for example commission or rewards) and challenges (for example the beautician with the highest client retention rate wins a gift voucher). Maybe a few workers can perform better with the team, so you can set team-based goals for them.

So, these are some of the healthy approaches to keep your salon staff happy and navigate them for the productivity of your salon and spa business. Your business can get even better and faster with Jeavm Salon and Spa Software that brings ease and comfort to your business process. Schedule your demo now!

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