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How to Increase the Profitability of Salon Business?

Increase the Profitability of Salon Buisness

Salon business is growing massively in the market and salon owners take pride to be a part of this overarching industry. But at the same point of time, this competitiveness is taking so many salon businesses on the other side of the wall because of technology upgradation.

We mostly think the number of clients’ appointments count as salon profitability, but the reality is a little different. If your salon is busy that doesn’t always mean it is navigating profit.

Certainly, there are so many other parameters that are concluded as salon profitability like – Staff, Inventory, Finance, customer retention rate, and so on.

With the quick tips and strategies, your business will surely see a dramatic change with respect to productivity as well as profitability.

Increase Footfall

It is one of the most important ways to increase the profitability of your salon business. Make sure you start everything by building a client base. However, focusing on retaining the clients is good but it is also essential to work on attracting the potential customers that visit your competitor’s salon. Let’s look at how you can do that:

Pre-book: Use feature-packed salon software which encourages customers to pre-book their scheduling with you as per their choice before reaching the salon also, it will help to book for the next services before they leave. This ensures their chance of returning to your salon next time as well.

Customized referral program: Once you start working on client base, make sure you give your clients a strong reason to reach you and you can do that by creating referral programs; meaning, every time a customer visits your salon, you should involve them in “Refer Your Friend” promotional program, where customers will get a chance to introduce their friends to your salon, and in return you reward them in a form of discount or free service; which eventually help your business to generate more clients.

Vocal Marketing: You can do that by asking your clients to spread the word. Request them to post pictures on social media after finishing the service; this will increase reliability as well as profitability. The best thing is that it is effective and low or no cost advertisement.

Client retention

According to different surveys, it was found that the majority of salons have 30% of new clients’ retention rate on average. It is a fact that smart client retention can be the most effective way to boost productivity and revenue of your salon. Here are some pointers you need to implement for a better retention rate of new clients.

Quality services: Discounting war can be threatening to your business sometimes, rather than doing so add value to your services. You must offer genuine services else, regular and savvy clients can easily get annoyed if you try to fool them with fake offers.

Reward and Discounts: Interesting offers have the power to attract more customers to your salon and this will ensure maximum footfall and customer retention. You can offer discounted services to your customers to enhance the client-customer relationship. A little extra won’t put weight on your budget rather it will contribute to more services and ultimately the salon profitability and a long client retention.

Create Valuable Marketplace: Tying up with suppliers can be a masterstroke strategy as it brings back clients to your salon. Let’s take an example, suppose there’s a quality beauty product in the market and you’re having a counter for it exclusively in your salon. This will attract customers who would want to come and test the sample product. In addition to that, you can ask your suppliers for presenting promotional gifts to the clients who are testing their sample products as a thanks-giving gesture.

Say that you care: If you want your customers to come back again and again, you need to put in some efforts as great customer relationships start by staying in touch with clients. Never cut off your connection with your client once they leave the salon. By using beauty salon software, you can send them promotional mailers and tips so that they remain aware of your product and services.

Train and Utilize your Salon Staff

Salon staff contributes 70% in the profitability of the salon business and if you effectively utilize their skills and keep them updated, you can be on the top in the salon market. Let’s see how you should go about it:

Review Performance: Manually auditing daily performance can be a really hectic job. To simplify the process, you must add streamlined Salon and Spa Management Software to keep track of staff performance, their quality of service, the number of customers they are serving, their availability and so on.

Specified Goals: As a salon owner, you must set goals for them so that you can maintain their clients quite effectively. When a staff contributes to client retention, they can bring double profit to your salon business.

Reward: Every time the staff meets the goal, he/she should be rewarded because this motivates them to work even harder and better.

Get Salon Management Software

Yes, surely it is one of the most essential factors in increasing salon profitability because it is important to connect your customers in a new way. Now customers have adapted the technology and nobody would want to interact with the business which is outdated in technology.

Therefore, to drive more profit, you need to upgrade for smart and scalable salon and spa management software that has updated technology and practical features because such software has the power to cut down the manual efforts and eliminates human error.

Salon Management Software “Jeavm” can help you in business management by taking care of scheduling appointments, automated confirmations, staff reporting/payroll, accounting, online billing, marketing, client management, and feedback management.

Once the salon owners find out the areas that need to be revamped and improved. By incorporating the latest technology and utilizing the resources, they can grow more productive and profitable.

Want to drive profitability? Schedule your demo with Jeavm, which provides feature-rich salon management software to your salon business that is waiting to get success.

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