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How to Make Salon Success this Christmas Season?

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We have entered the last month of the year – The Christmas Season! For us, December is one of the busiest months, filled with parties and celebrations. People groom themselves to look their best at these occasions and evidently salons witness rapid boost in bookings and they enjoy it!

So, you must have already designed your Christmas offers and services; and it is now time to offer extra special treatment to your customers. Don’t hustle! While partnering with Salon and Spa software and executing these tips, you can manage the Christmas rush. 

Special Treatment For Your Clients 

As a salon service provider, you should try to make this grand occasion more exciting by offering special offers to your clients. Try to give a makeover to your salon so that it gets fit with the upcoming festive attire. Clients love when they get special treatment.  Remember to offer something sweet such as Christmas candies and chocolates at the reception. If you are dealing with some of your loyal clients you can offer hot chocolates and spices tea with some goodies. 

Frankly speaking, festive seasons are the best time to allure your clients with exciting offers and special treatment. Not only offering discounts, you can just go with some added services as per the salon use and particular billing amount.

Keep Track Of Your Marketing Campaigns

As an owner of a business, you should know how to keep a track on your marketing campaigns. Without doing so, you are likely to fail because you wouldn’t know which promotion is working well for your company and which one is lagging behind. 

You can use Jeavm Salon Management Software that offers exclusive marketing tools to run automated promotions which can also be reviewed and tracked anytime you want. After determining that you can always review you work where you failed, what didn’t go well and then you can improvise and work well on it to deliver some extraordinary services to the clients in the upcoming Christmas season. By doing so, you can save your business every time from failing while adding some more profits to it. 

Try personal greeting

Who doesn’t like personal greeting on occasions like Christmas and New year? Everyone does, personally I do as well! There is always something heart-warming about receiving a physical card or personalised greeting in the mail. For this festive season, you should keep this option on your top priority list. This can positively influence the mindset of your clients towards your salon business. To make it even more special, add a handwritten Christmas note to each client. Wait and watch afterwards, they will love you even more!

Keep on texting and emailing

Marketing isn’t new any longer. We’re all keen to the way that personalized writings are significantly more prone to get read than casual messages. Try to present content showcasing your brand or salon business. 

We know that, it will be difficult to set up if done manually. So, allow your salon and spa software that does the vast majority of the work for you. It’s a super-compelling approach to advertise your salon and spa services. 

Ask yourself when was the last time you messaged your customers? If you don’t remember then it is time for you to rehearse email marketing, it’s a great opportunity to get customers at your doorstep. You must mail your customers routinely with exceptional offers and magnificence beauty tips. Sharing your mastery shows your care towards your customers.

Direct your Team

Bring your team together and make them learn to build basic connection with the customers. Because you alone can’t do what your team can; so, it is time to focus on the milestones and encourage each of the staff to contribute for the bright future. 

Measure your Actions

Yes, it is one of the most crucial things in marketing. Unless you measure your marketing, you won’t know how far it is reaching and how users are interacting with it. You must review your figures and understand which campaign worked well and which campaigns should be dumped. This measuring process will save a lot of your time and finance and also maximize the salon profitability. 

Time for Cupcakes and Sky Shots!

Make this christmas and New Year Eve more fascinating and thrilling with Jeavm Salon and Spa Software that can easily handle all your tasks such as – clients’ appointment, staff roster, inventory, finances, marketing and promotions, and everything which is a part of your Salon business. 

Schedule your Demo Now with Jeavm and enjoy the lightening of success.

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