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Must Have Features For Your Salon & Spa Software

Custom Salon Software

We have been witnessing drastic changes in technological advancement that human processes are getting translated into automated processes. We can evidently see its impact on the salon and spa industry which is making peoples’ lives easier and more flexible.

These days salon owners are using smart and scalable salon and spa software to improve the performance of their salon and business and grow rapidly in this competitive market. Such software solutions are automating almost all aspects of salon business which includes, daily operations, managerial tasks, finance and have complete control over them.

Whether you are self-employed or own a large scale beauty business, practical salon and spa software can make everybodys’ job easier from appointment booking to managing staff, from accounting to market your business.

Now, you must give proper attention to these features of salon and spa software that can help you reach higher in the market.

Online Booking

As a salon/spa owner you’d consider adding an online booking facility for the ease of your customers. It is convenient for your client as well as for you to track appointments and schedule them according to customer’s convenience and staff availability. This feature eliminates your hectic front desk task of keeping records on paper. With the use of salon and spa software, canceled bookings and vacant spots are automatically filled followed by another booking without having to put any manual efforts.

Appointment Scheduling

Once a client books an appointment, your spa and salon software will automatically handle appointment scheduling in an efficient and effective manner. A few clicks are enough to record the client’s appointment. The great thing about having an intelligent salon software client book appointments on the digital platform with zero chances of any booking conflicts either in staff, service or duration. Booking records can be viewed, downloaded, and reminders can be set.

Customer Management

One of your vital duties is to communicate with your clients. Indeed individuals cherish it when you offer them consideration. It makes them feel valued. You have a huge potential through apps that you can use to improve the client experience, yet nothing will win you more points than keeping in mind relevant info, like what hair salon clients like and when to interact with them.

Following the traditional method, it’s hard to retain your client’s data for long. That’s the reason, a salon management software is needed, where you can store a wide range of data into the app and can recall any client’s data anytime. When people set foot in your salon or when you have to communicate with your clients, you are ready with all the info at your fingertips. This will help to handle the client with valued and accurate inputs that generate client faith. Also, through the salon software solution communicating with clients for providing booking details, invoices, service details, reminders for the appointments are already scheduled and no need to bother or rely on anyone.

Inventory Handling

The retail side of the salon and spa industry is managed by POS systems. Salon and spa owners face a lot of difficulties while selling their merchandise. As we all know, management of a retail business is quite challenging especially when it’s about book-keeping. To tackle this situation, salon and spa businesses use a salon and spa management software because it streamlines all the revenue of the business under a single interface. This ultimately helps in looking over every possible aspect of the business. This is why this software is considered the easiest and the most effective solution for the salon and spa business.


With the advancement in technologies, there is a considerable rise in security threats and hacking incidents. While integrating the data into the online POS systems, you should ensure that you are using a secure and safe system to feed client data, employee data. Hacking is a major concern for any online business and can cause the immediate downfall of your business. Another risk associated is of employee theft and fraud. The advanced salon and spa software can restrict staff access to certain aspects of your system. This software allows you to choose and create roles at the same time you can configure their access as per your choice.

Performance Analyzer

The smart dashboard in the advanced software enables you to track the performance of your hair salon. You can set a target for a month, quarter or a year as per your wish and compare it with the real data. You can set a benchmark for other branches to track their growth, their stylist’s or therapist’s performance and their inventory turnover as well. This helps you in planning your marketing strategies.

It is your call to use or not use the software, but the fact is that it can impact your business positively when used properly. A salon’s software acts as a catalyst for business growth and can help you move your business towards a profitable path.

Jevam has one of the most astonishing salon management software that offers great opportunities to beauty and salon brands. It provides ERP software solutions for the business enterprises on both web and application to manage their brands, franchises, outlet, staff, accounts, inventory, operations, and their users.

It doesn’t matter how disorganized or lengthy your salon business is, With Jeavm Salon Management Software, your business can go far beyond your expectations. Schedule your demo now!

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