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The Art of Keeping Your Salon On the Top


Whatever the business you are in, every law focuses on “Keeping workplace healthy” and it should never be compromised. With the business-like Salon and Spa, it can’t be neglected even for a moment, because dozens of customers visit your salon or spa every day and a little inconvenience can impact your business performance and goodwill massively.

Different clients have different needs and as a salon owner, it is your duty to perform every little task at best without letting your customers feel uneasy.

Having said that, it is necessary that you make your staff learn the importance of maintaining salon hygiene inside out of your salon every single day. It not only about hygiene, but you also have to keep everything updated and up to the mark and this secret will fetch you more customers.

Let us now look at the salon tips to make your salon rise by upkeeping everything.

Importance of First Impression

We have been hearing that “First impression is the last impression”. It is actually true. Imagine a new customer entering your abode and finding torn magazines and crushed bottles in the waiting area. Without a doubt, this would create a bad impression and eventually a dissatisfied customer.

Most of the salons suffer because they are highly disorganized and always out of track. At one corner, you will find a bundle of used towels and on the other hair littered on the floor. Such things create a lot of disturbance to the customer and this is something you have to deal with urgently.

As a salon owner, you need to make sure that the moment customers leave after getting a service, everything should go back in place. Hire a cleaning staff to brush off the hair and send used towels and bathrobes to the laundry at the end of the day.

Your Salon is Your Responsibility

Yes, but also of the people attached to it. Every now and then, we hear staff arguing about their job responsibilities and deny to work even though it is about basic hygiene. Strange? But this happens quite often.

As a salon owner, you must direct your staff to practice basic hygiene, whether it is keeping tools sterilized or clean the floor after a haircut, your salon staff should contribute to upkeeping general things.

Make your staff practice on a daily basis, make cleanliness a part of everybody’s job and also tell them to keep track of stock and supplies. You can also take the help of a smart salon and spa software, that will help you create a checklist of daily tasks for your staff, through which you can easily access the assigned duties and also view who has completed the assigned tasks. Besides this, you can also keep yourself updated about your inventory and sales.

Keep your tools clean

Significantly, cleanliness can save us from a lot of anxiety and health issues thus, it is mandatory to keep all the equipment in the salon neat and clean. Salon that doesn’t make cleanliness as their first rule, faces a lot of difficulties and downfall. Because equipment that interacts with different customers such as brushes, scissors, and nail apparatuses can cause infection and pain to the customers. They ought to be cleaned after each use and should be put away in a dry condition when not required.

There are other salon apparatuses require to be cleaned in a specific way. We suggest you to follow the right directions in the cleaning process. You can also use high-temperature water in keeping your hair and nail instruments sterile.

Towels and another salon cloth ought to likewise be cleaned consistently. Used towels look unattractive and can be infectious if left damp or moist.

Personal & Behavioral Hygiene

Yes, it does not need any explanation that it is the responsibility of every salon owner to ensure their staff is aggressively following the personal hygiene for the good. The only intention of customers to visit the salon is to be treated healthy and nicely; if any salon staff doesn’t appear hygienic, he/she will not allow them to treat their body, hair, or anything. It would cause a serious loss and an ugly impression.

Besides personal hygiene, your staff should also learn to maintain behavioral hygiene, which means staff should not shout in the premises, should offer water or juice to the clients, listen to their client’s grievances and treat them with a lot of care.

Once you start following these basic hygiene formulas, you will see a big positive change in the ambiance and salon performance altogether.

To maintain and upkeep everything of your salon, all it takes is a slight change in the day to day activities. By having a smart and intelligent salon and spa software that Jeavm offers, you can keep everything up to the mark such as – a checklist of your staff, inventory, finances, appointment details, client details, and so on.

You are just one click away from transforming your salon’s everyday activities and polish your business for greater performance. Schedule your demo with Jeavm and witness the steady improvement in your salon and spa business.

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