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How Jeavm Salon Mobile ERP Help You Grow Your Salon Business?

Whole word is in impact of COVID 19 pandemic which has a huge impact on the business down fall worldwide. No industry is left with this crisis. It has been a hard time for beauty and salon industry too, salon owners did not get a single opportunity to come out and serve their customers.

Now the business is reviving but still there are many challenges. To overcome these challenges Jeavm had introduced its digital platform in the form of mobile ERP.

We have the best solution for salon owners that can help them come out from this crisis and advance their salon business, also Jeavm Channel Partner program will help earning while referring to other.

If you are a business nerd like us, then you might agree than partner audience is quite fascinating, and it change the whole dynamics of business. It not only helps you gain the massive audience but also help you gain important information about the industry which you can ultimately transform prospects into loyal customers.

At a very deeper level, Jeavm can be your digital preface, communicating with your customers, staff and inventories ensuring the smooth functioning of your salon. With diversified features, Jeavm allows you to keep your business up to date and handy. Your customer bookings, staff scheduler, inventories details, costing, billings, management, rating and reviews is all within and you can have real time access to it.

Jeavm also offers a market place where you have numerous customers reach and you have direct opportunity to showcase your salon in the live environment with million of users within a short period. Due to this Corona, people are very much cautious about the services they are going to avail, and once you are selling the services in a transparent manner with all the precautionary measures certainly customers will be attracted towards your salon. For more details or arrange a demo visit: https://www.jeavm.com/contact-us.html

Benefits of using Jeavm.

Jeavm is a single platform with multiple opportunities to grow your salon business. Here are some of the exclusive benefits that you will get if you choose to walk along Jeavm. Let’s find out:

    • Digital interface to your business.
    • Smart and easy to use Mobile ERP solution.
    • Real Time monitoring.
    • Customer reach.
    • Digital Market place.
    • Separate Apps for Brand owners and staff.
    • Business tracks.
    • Billing and Accounting.
    • SMS, E-mail and app communication benefits.
    • Rating and Reviews
    • Digital Branding and Promotion.

Why Choose Jeavm?

Since we have talked a lot about the benefits you will get after attaching yourself with Jeavm Salon Management Application, that will the day to day operations easy and help you manage all the activities from booking to accounting in an effective manner through automated functionality that eliminates human error and give an everlasting experience to the owners as well as users. Schedule your demo now!

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