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Why society management software is the best tool to have during Covid-19?


Within a few months, the dynamics of housing societies, gated communities, residential and commercial society as changed because of CoronaVirus Pandemic hence, it is important to reconsider the functionalities of societies and how society management software can help people and take this pandemic under control.

Therefore, we need to make sure that we carefully allow visitors to enter and don’t let viruses come along with our parcels and deliveries. Let’s now discuss how it is important to rethink about operating societies and complexes through society management software.

Best Features of Society Management Application

Visitor Management

The only expectation we have these days is less contacts and more distance. Touching the same registration book and pen, which is already touched by thousands of other visitors is no longer a wise thing to do. hence, for the safety and security issues, societies and complexes would take hold of society management applications and keep a record of visitors over an app itself.

Besides, recording visitors details, your society should also have provisions for thermal screening where security personnel should check the visitors’ temperature and record everything about a visitor on the society management application. This eventually helps in maintaining a safe and healthy environment within the society.

Delivery Management

As we know that there are so many delivery executives who visit society quite frequently and now it has become really important that societies should cut down this section of visitors which means that do not allow delivery executives to enter the societies, let people manage their parcels over society management application and receive items at the entrance gate itself.

Emergency Management

Society management application has a whole new segment for visitors called visitor management application or system that allow people to take immediate action during emergency situations. People will have access to all the emergency contacts of distress and you can also add an emergency contact list over an app and you can get immediate solutions for whatever you may seek.

Society Management Application is a revolutionary solution for the gated societies, complexes, commercial societies and likewise. It helps people to track ins-outs activities within their societies, they can also report emergency situations, manage their parcels which is completely safe and secured.

If you want to add this amazing solution and make your society safer then contact Jeavm, or schedule a free society management software demo , we will be so happy to bring you such safe and secure solution to your society.

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