Make yourself relaxed because we bring you the unconventional interface where you can plan, design, and execute all your personal, social, and professional needs. You’ll also get timely updates of your membership and upcoming events.

Why Clubhouse?

There are good reasons to join clubhouse such as

Plan & Schedule
Your Activities

Go Get Your

Worry Less, Enjoy

Plan & Schedule Your Activities

Jeavm allows you to set up your whole planning for group activities, dining, sports, or entertainment activities. This feature helps you decide the right timing and right place for hosting such events with your community members.

Go Get Your Service

You can pre-book your time slot according to your comfort and get all the services that saves time and allow you to have what you desire at the very moment without having to trouble your other activities.

Worry, Less Enjoy More

With this feature of Jeavm, you will get the time-to-time updates about your membership cards, upcoming events and so on. You don’t have to stress yourself by remembering the renewal intervals, this app will do it by itself and keep sending you reminders to keep you updated.