Fitness Center

It is a fact that we aren’t giving enough time to our body to keep it healthy because of our busy schedule. Don’t worry! Get your hands on the Jeavm app to revolutionize the art of balancing socio-healthy life.

Why Fitness Center?

Three reasons you should join the fitness centre


Pre-Book Gym

Choose from
range of Fitness

Real-Time Scheduling

It is always important to plan everything. Since we are leading a busy life, we are failing to take out some time for our body. If you’re among those who are worried about getting into the gym without a booked schedule -Jeavm has Gym Time-Slot Scheduling feature that allows you to choose from the available time slots as per your convenience.

Pre-Book Gym Equipment

Have you ever been worried about getting hands on the gym equipment for a specified time? No worries! You’re covered with the pre-book equipment feature of Jeavm. This feature allows you to reserve gym equipment that is available at the time of booking and are essential to get your workout done.

Choose Your Fitness Center

It is always hard when it comes to finding the gym which is best for you and working out in it at a specified time when you are free. Looking for the fitness centres that eases your workout sessions? We’ve got you covered. With this feature, you can get your mind and body rejuvenate. Choosing Jeavm will give you the freedom to book a workout schedule at any of the centres around you.