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Top 5 Reason Why You Should Pre-book Your Salon Appointment


Unorganized bookings and staff management result in unsatisfied user and it is the easiest way of losing customers. When everything is done within seconds and things are readily available on your fingertips, then why do we have to rely on traditional methods of salon management?

It is important that every business should find a way to manage their customer grievances, by organizing the business need. It must be an easy interface for the salon owners and staff to manage things remotely and smartly.

Since we are living in a digital era, so it will be correct to assume that everyone is familiar with the Salon pre-booking concept, and the concept actually makes a lot of sense in this digitalized ecosystem.

People reserve a time to show up for a particular service, they reach, get done on time, and everything flows quite smoothly. If you may get to ask a person who has been waiting for hours; you will surely get to see the level of disappointment and anxiety on that person’s face.

How Pre-booking Enhance Your Salon Business?

Every industry is getting reshaped for the customer’s reliability and their business growth. As we are witnessing the constant increase in the use of internet-connected devices and technology upliftment that has become a ‘must-have’ idea for every business.

There is so many amazing salon booking application designed through the machine learning and artificial intelligence, that are coming up every day to help businesses run smoothly and encourage clients to book their appointments online so that they don’t have to torture themselves in the long waiting lines.

Let us now look at why having a pre-booking feature is important for every business:

  • Time is Valuable

You already have so much to do and pre-booking your salon appointment can take down one thing off your list. In-between the busy schedule, whenever you have the time you can check for the availability of service and staff and book your salon appointment. And once you reach the salon, you don’t have to wait and you can utilize your valuable time for other works. So, overall you have invested your time quite smartly by saving enough.

  • Be close to your Budget

Yes, it is one of the major concerns that people always look forward to. When you pre-book salon appointment, you give yourself a budget manifesto and don’t want to go beyond the specified limit.

You have the details available for the services, staff and its price, and once you add those services you got to know about your total bills in advance and can change or cancel as per your budgets. Also, there will be no issue for last-minute billing hike or any unwanted expense.

  • Paperless Records

When you schedule your salon appointment through online or web-based applications or on call, you as well as the salon owners don’t have to keep a paper record with yourself which creates a lot of hindrances between the customer-client relationship.

As a user, you can keep all the booking records handy on SMS or email, while as an owner, through salon management application, you can easily track the client’s on-going services, appointment cancellations and booking.

  • Automated Communication

Once you invest in an integrated online scheduling system, it will get easier for both the owners and the users. Clients can easily submit their appointment requests, service details, and feedbacks. On the other hand, the owner can easily accommodate the tasks to the staff, send automated discount coupons, launch events, service upgradation details to its users via Email or SMS.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Every business owner wants to satisfy their customers. In Salon business, customer satisfaction is key to growth and customer retention. Pre-booking helps in relaxing customers stress of non-availability and long waiting queue. It also helps in organizing the salon operations for the owners and helps to provide the best services at the given time. This satisfies the customers and builds customer trust to visit again and again.


We understand how difficult is it to manage your schedule and getting quality work within a limited time, But Jeavm has your back.

With the pre-booking salon appointment feature, Customers can avoid waiting lines and find the best salon and beautician around them. They can request an appointment time and date online!

Moreover, Jeavm Salon management application allows salon owners to manage everything effectively in an organized manner where they can smartly handle their services as well as clients.

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