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Why Salon ERP is a Preferable Choice for Salon Owners?


Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is an application which oversees significant business forms, for example, managing deals, bookkeeping, asset management, client satisfaction, CRM and inventory. It’s an integrated framework structured explicitly for adaptable business forms.

Salon ERP application has picked up such a great amount of prevalence among the businesses of all shapes and sizes because it brings a smarter way to deal with business’s day-to-day activities. With the assistance of an ERP solution, you can collect, store, view, and audit information from various specialty units.

Amazing Features Of Salon ERP

Salon Management Software Jeevam

Salon ERP application has extraordinary features that make it easy for salon business owners to manage the daily operations while improving overall growth and performance.

How about we see the dynamic features of Salon ERP which have contributed towards its prominence?

Outlet Management

Simplify the whole business process by incorporating a Salon ERP solution with a clean and simple tool. This tailor-made solution will allow you to manage all single or multi-location outlet functioning of your business. With the handy application, you can manage everything that is attached to your business growth and performance.

Staff Management

With the Staff Management feature, you can easily organize all your staff which has their records, quality of work, working hours, availability, roaster and leaves; all can be done in one place so that you have better hold over your staff and their queries.

Service Management 

Manage your all services for the outlets, updating the pricing, discounts, offers. Also, you can active or inactive the services depending on the staff or Inventory availability. It’s up to you what services you need to show or add and get them updated. This will also help in promoting the services location wise if you have multi -outlets.


Most of the business processes get hectic because of their operational and managerial tasks. With the ERP salon management software, you can organize all the operations at one place such as – managing HR operations, client management, and reports.


Always stay updated with the finances with this powerful Salon ERP solution that allows you to view, track your sales, purchases, and cash flow.


Making everyday reports manually can be really tiresome and sometimes it creates human-error too. With this automated salon application, all the reporting of clients as well as staff can be done within seconds with simple clicks.

Customer Management

Getting a customer is easier than retaining them. Through smart solutions, you can easily manage client’s history, know about their likes/dislikes, services they are taking and the staff they are selecting; you can form the analytics and based on that you can create customized offers for the customers.


The best part about the salon ERP solution is its wide connectivity. This powerful tool is integrated with all the social media platforms, email, and SMS; meaning you will be notified if a customer books an appointment, share feedback, or any other activity that has been taken outside your website or application.

Jeavm, a salon management application has incorporated the remarkable features which helps in growing the salon business. Most of the salon owners are still waiting for an easy and unique platform that can make their salon business organized and hassle-free.

Through this solution-centric salon management application, you can get real-time track of online bookings, day to day scheduling information that helps you to provide better services, you can manage heavy accounting within seconds, you can also manage staff and client details through its CRM Module.

Because of its user-friendly structure and reliable features, Jeavm salon management application plays a major role in the excellent growth and performance of your salon business. Get in touch today!

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