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Beautify your Salon Business Through Salon Management Software

Salon Software

Sometimes you already know the best thing but still you hesitate to get it. You must have experienced that.

The same goes to beauty and salon business, they already know that they need solid salon management software for their unorganized business infrastructure, for client and staff management, for auditing inventory and managing heavy accounting. Even now and then they struggle to handle such managerial and operational tasks of their businesses considering it is expensive and dent to the pocket.

Are you running a salon business? Struggling to flourish in the market? If yes, then I am going to introduce the most amazing ERP Solution that will help your business grow in the market.

Before we explore the salon management software and its benefits, let’s get familiar with the basic challenges that impacts beauty and salon business.

Challenges of Beauty & Salon Business

Dependency on the same traditional method is one of the major reasons they are lagging behind. Nowadays technology has advanced everything and it can be used in organizing Beauty and salon business too. Major challenges faced by salon owners are:

  1. No dedicated digital platform which can provide easy accessibility for Salon management.

  2. No flexible appointment scheduling.

  3. Lower customer retention.

  4. Lack of promotions and customer reach.

  5. Costlier Digital services.

  6. Not business-friendly and easy for use.

  7. No proper Staff and Service management.

  8. No Outlets, franchises management.

  9. Not providing the Market place.

  10. Time-consuming accounting process.

  11. No Inventory tracking.

And still need enough time and energy to perform at the absolute best.

These all challenges can be solved and can provide a boost to the salon business through technology.

Technology has enhanced the integrated systems which are highly secure, easy-in-use, and budget-friendly with all features available either on digital platform. It is now time to get smart solutions to grow in beauty and salon industry through available salon management software. Otherwise, if you don’t walk parallel with the technology, you will be left far behind.

To disrupt this marketplace and to contribute hassle-free, user-friendly, economical salon management solution, Jeavm has introduced its salon management solution available both on the web and in the form of android and iOS application.

How Jeavm helps in Salon Management?

Jeavm has a complete package for your beauty and salon business. Through its ERP and CMS software solution, you can easily manage your daily operations by improving entire salon business. The Salon Management Software solutions that Jeavm offers are adaptable, scalable, and tailored to meet every business need.

Jeavm has some of the exceptional features that can help businesses manage every activity happening within the enterprise that help them grow.

Let us now look at the potential features of Beauty and Salon Software that Jeavm has:

  • Outlet Management

As salon business is outlet oriented, Jeavm’s integrated ERP software can easily manage all the outlets and their operations within a brand such as – rates at different outlets, raw materials, inventory visibility, end-to-end tracking, auto backup, warehouse and distribution, staff as well as client’s details, accounting, and promotions.

  • Client Management

Jeavm manages clients as well as product sales. Its comprehensive software allows to keep track of every activity happening whether it is online appointments, discounts, schemes, or payments, all gets directly posted to client’s account.

  • Customer Relationship Management

Managing your customer data and secure them is one of the priorities that a customer wants. Through the data, you will know their likes and dislikes. Through CRM module, you can manage their contact details and their services history, on the basis of gathered data, you can also run a marketing or loyalty programs.

  • Staff Management

Managing and organizing employees’ records, their quality of work, availability and leave applications. All can be done at one place without any errors.

  • Inventory Management

Organizing inventory at all levels, tracking product sales, setting reorders for replenishing stock, delivery details and more. For multiple location with centralized warehouse where stock can be transferred to the requested location. Everything will be managed electronically.

  • Booking Appointment

Providing the flexibility in booking appointment getting details for available staff and services according to customer’s choice. Automated reminders will be sent through SMS/emails to the clients.

  • Accounting Management

We have a time saving accounting system which helps you finalize your accounts up to balance sheet. Besides your business and suppliers, you can also maintain client’s account. You can also access reports for analysis, cost control and reduction.

  • Payroll Management

Jeavm has integrated Payroll software which is performance-driven and productive. You don’t have to create robust infrastructure to manage your payroll works, because Jeavm is wholly capable of managing all tasks such as – Human resources, compliance management, tracking employee information including their compensation and wages.

  • Reporting

Control every aspect of your business with logic reports and extensive security features. You can quickly access data from sales to staff productivity with every little detail. The integrated business intelligence tools enable you to analyze the growth of your business including level of services, suppliers, outlets and employee’s performance, which gives you full control for examination and analysis.

Jeavm Enhancing Beauty and Salon Business

Data Management is something every industry is practicing these days. These are all web/app-based programs designed especially for beauty salons, so that you don’t have to spend much time trying to fix mainstream program of your business. Things will be done within seconds through beauty salon mobile app as well as through web-based software.

Regardless of the size of business, Jeavm can accommodate the most stringent operational requirement of your salon. As time is an essential factor in almost all the industries and only a good salon management software can save time and help you accomplish all the operational and managerial tasks efficiently and productively. Through the ERP software solutions, they not only can make customers happy and retain them, but also build goodwill in the marketplace.

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