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Society Management Software: Best Solution for Smart Societies

Society Management SoftwareMake difficult tasks off your society easy and the only solution is society management software. We know that it is challenging to monitor day-to-day activities such as record-keeping, visitors and delivery executive check-in, maintenance, parking, billing, staff, meetings and event reminders, etc. and keep their data safe and secured. To relieve you from this pain, the society management app can give peace to the whole process.

Let us now discuss some of the important features that can help you cut down manual efforts and solve everyday problems.

Visitor Management

We know that managing visitors’ record daily is one tiring job and to solve this problem, keep Jeavm society management application handy, which asks for approval before entering and then tracks the visitors by maintaining a time log or In/Out timing within the app, which actually eliminates the threat & ensures complete safety of all the members.

Staff Management

Society Management Solution maintains details of every staff name and his/her personal details along with the picture of each staff. All staff and their activities will be listed in the app which you can track anytime you want. For releasing the salary in an easier way, you can also view his/her attendance and leaves and make the process comfortable.

Maintenance Management

It is evident that the maintenance process drains a lot of your time and energy but the Jeavm Society Management Application believes in saving both. This amazing feature tracks all the maintenance requests raised within the society. This further provides follow ups and its resolutions, every log is maintained in the system for which you will get timely reminders for your dues and you can also generate maintenance bills and can pay through payment gateway.

Parking Management

You can have your own registered space. Surprised? It is possible with Jeavm society management software. With this parking management feature, you can have access to the database of all the vehicles coming in or going out of your building. Besides, you can also manage all the reserved parking, visitor parking and also get notified in case of unauthorized parking.

Accounting Management

Jeavm Society Management system has a feature for instant accounting where you can get instant access to your invoices, your accounting, and payments. All the payments or receipts both receivable as well as payable can be tracked within seconds. You can also get real-time updates about your financial report and get notified in case of any outstanding payment via SMS or e-mail.

Well, these exceptionally nice features of society management software cut down all the manual efforts and encourage you to have a lavish society experience. For complete comfort and 100% security, get Jeavm Society Management Software or schedule your free demo now.

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