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Effective Features of Society Management App


Managing your society with efficiency is one of the challenging tasks because it demands a lot of manual effort and hefty documentation. No matter if you have to send notifications for a community meeting to getting payment reminders, a society management app like Jeavm can take care of all your tasks and help you get done with the things in a short period of time.

With the help of society management software that has effective features that manage your visitors, track due payments, timely maintenance, reminders for community meetings, parking management, and so on. So, it is really essential for you to manage everything effectively if you want to save time and drive faster results.

Let us now discuss the effective features that have to be a part of the society management app:

Visitor Management

Managing visitors’ record daily is a hectic task to be done and in order to get rid of this difficult thing, keep Jeavm society management application handy, which maintains complete record by asking for approval before entering and then tracks the visitors by maintaining a time log or In/Out timing within the app, which ensures complete safety of the society.

Maintenance Management

Well, we all know that the maintenance process takes a lot of your time and energy but with the help of Jeavm Society Management Application that can save both. This amazing feature tracks all the maintenance requests raised within the society. It can also provide follow-ups and its resolutions, every log is maintained in the system for which you will get timely reminders of your payments and you can also generate maintenance bills and can pay through payment gateway easily.

Accounting Management

With the help of the Jeavm Society Management system, you can do instant accounting where you can get access to your invoices, your accounting, and payments. All the payments or receipts both receivable as well as payable can be tracked within a blink of an eye. Besides, you can also get real-time updates about your financial report and get notified in case of any outstanding payment via SMS or e-mail.

Parking Management

Do you know? You can have your own parking space. Surprised? It is possible with Jeavm society management software. With this parking management feature, you can have access to the database of all the vehicles coming in or going out of your building. Besides, you can also manage all the reserved parking, visitor parking, and also get notified in case of unauthorized parking.

Want an amazing society management software with effective features? For complete comfort and 100% security, get Jeavm Society Management Software or schedule your free demo now.

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